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#ArtReview: Discover the Diverse and Expansive Range of Wall Art at #Desenio

If you’re looking to add personality to your space, wall art from Desenio is the way to go. As a leading provider of art prints, Desenio offers a wide range of options that cater to various tastes and styles. With a heavy Scandi-modernist influence in their inventory, they also cater to classic preferences.

Check out their ‘Famous Painters’ and ‘Art Prints’ sections for works by renowned artists, textile designers, and exhibitions like Monet, Rouseau, and Morris. Personally, I’m drawn to Charles Martin’s whimsical piece from Gazette du Bon Ton, Volume One. It looks perfect on our bedside tables, rather than hanging on the wall.

What I appreciate about Desenio is the variety of sizes available for each print, along with matching mounts and frames. This eliminates the hassle of constantly measuring to ensure a perfect fit. For balance, we chose the 30×40 print in a 50×70 frame.

In our ‘getting ready nook,’ we opted for a pair of Les Pouvoir des Fleurs prints. The soft, taupe-y hue adds to the neutral serenity of the room. While both prints are 30×40, one is in a corresponding frame, and the other in a 50×70 frame, giving them a cohesive yet distinct look.

Desenio makes it easy to visualize how each print will look in your space, thanks to their beautifully styled and captured images. If you’re planning a gallery wall, the website offers helpful tools to streamline the process.

Just a few more of my favorite pieces include Monet, Aix En Provence, Magnolia, and Klimt. And here’s an exclusive offer for my readers: Desenio is offering 35% off prints with the code joiesdejennifer. Note that this discount does not apply to frames, kits, and personalized pieces, and it expires on August 25th.

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We’ve spoken colour palettes, delved into home decor, shared soft furnishings.

Now, onto art.

If textiles are the ‘cosy’ of a room, art is the personality.

And if it’s wall art you’re after, Desenio is your destination.

The range offered is no less than diverse, expansive.

Founded in Sweden, there is a heavy, Scandi-modernist feel to their inventory – and yet room still for more classic tastes.

My favourite sections ‘Famous Painters’ and ‘Art Prints’ are where you can find works from well-known artists, textile designers and exhibitions (Monet, Rouseau, Morris etc).



I love this whimsical piece by Charles Martin, first published in Gazette du Bon Ton, Volume One.

I toyed with hanging it on the wall but rather like how it fits perfectly on our bedside tables.

print on the website is available in a variety of sizes, with suitably
matching mounts and frames to take the ‘let me measure just once again
to check..’ quandry out of the equation. In this case, we opted for the
30×40 print in a 50×70 frame for balance.




Over on what I’m
currently coining the ‘getting ready nook’ we’ve gone for a little pair
of Les Pouvoir des Fleurs prints. The soft, taupe-y hue works well for the ‘neutral serenity’ feel I want for this room.


Whilst the prints are both
30×40, one sits in a corresponding frame, the other in a 50×70 frame so
they’re more sisters than twins. I love the effect.

Each print is beautifully styled and captured to help you visualise the piece in situ, and should you be wanting a fully fledged ‘gallery wall’, there are tools on the
website to make your planning and buying process a doddle. Here are just a few more of my favourite pieces:


Monet // Aix En Provence // Magnolia // Klimt

Desenio have kindly given my readers 35% off prints with code joiesdejennifer. Please note this does not include frames, kits and personalised pieces and expires midnight 25th August. Happy shopping!

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