“Discover the Skinician Hyaluronic Elixir: An Exceptional Beauty Product Recommended by British Beauty Blogger”

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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] As an expert product reviewer, I’m always excited to explore new offerings from the Skinician brand. Their latest product, the Hyaluronic Elixir, features three weights of hyaluronic acid. Upon application, this fluid glides effortlessly over the skin, absorbing quickly and leaving a weightless finish.

Skinician values clinical testing over marketing, and the Hyaluronic Elixir has been proven to increase hydration by 25% within two hours. However, the effectiveness of hyaluronic serums can vary from person to person, making this product more of a luxury addition than an absolute necessity. If you have experienced noticeable results from hyaluronic serums in the past, I would highly recommend considering this high-quality elixir. Additionally, if you occasionally need extra moisture for your skin, this elixir provides a fast and efficient way to boost hydration levels.

I must also mention Skinician’s Pro-Enzyme Radiance Peel, which is one of my personal favorites. It instantly brightens the skin and gives it a healthy glow. The peel is gentle yet effective, making it suitable for regular use. I particularly enjoy using it in the morning to maintain a radiant complexion throughout the day.

The Skinician Hyaluronic Elixir is available for purchase at Sephora, priced at £38, while the Pro-Enzyme Radiance Peel is priced at £29.

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[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’m still such a massive fan of Skinician’s gentle peel mask that I’ll happily look at anything new that this brand has to offer. Their latest product is the Hyaluronic Elixir with three weights of hyaluronic. In use, it’s a slippy fluid that glides beautifully over the complexion until it’s absorbed and then it’s completely weightless.

Skinician Hyaluronic Elixir

This brand is a believer in clinical testing rather than marketing – the elixir has been proven to increase hydration by 25% in two hours. What that looks like for you is a moot point – I think everyone has a unique experience with hyaluronic serums and I’d consider this a luxury extra rather than an absolute essential. If you get great and noticeable results from hyaluronic serums, then pop it in your basket because the quality is excellent. It’s also worth considering if you have skin that needs extra moisture from time to time because it is, as mentioned, a speedy way to bump it up.

Skinician Hyaluronic Elixir

I can’t not give another mention to Pro-Enzyme Radiance Peel – it’s one of my favourites (I think there’s only one or two more goes in the tube) for instant skin brightening that just gives the complexion a ping of vitality. It’s gentle – these days, I’m more careful with anything peely – and effective and I love using it in the morning when I can enjoy the glow all day. Skinician has launched into Sephora where the elixir is £38 HERE and the mask is £29 HERE.

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