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Catrice constantly refreshes their lineup, so it’s important to act fast to get your hands on the products you love. The Liquid Liner Matt is a long-lasting favorite that has withstood the test of time. However, when it comes to lipsticks, Catrice tends to change the names of the lines while keeping the formulas consistent.

The Glow Lover Oil-Infused Highlighter in the shade 010 Glowing Peony is a subtle and natural highlighter that can also be used as a luminous finishing powder. It gives a natural glow without emphasizing pores. The AirBlushes, both in Glow and Matt formulas, offer intense pigmentation and long-lasting wear. The Cheek Lover is another highly pigmented blush with impressive staying power.

The Palette combines a matte bronzer and a champagne highlighter. The bronzer is a perfect contour shade that blends easily, while the highlighter can be applied for a natural or more intense glow. The Invisible Matte Loose Powder mattifies the skin without leaving it flat and has a blurring effect.

The Liquid Liner Matt is a reliable option for a matte black eyeliner. The formula dries quickly and lasts all day without fading or smudging. The matte lipsticks, including the discontinued Demi Matte and Vegan Matte Collagen, have a lightweight formula with good pigmentation and a semi-matte finish. They are not particularly moisturizing but are not drying either.

The Moisturising Lipstick offers a comfortable formula between creamy-shiny and satin. It is suitable for dry lips but doesn’t last as long as the matte lipsticks. The glosses are slightly richer and thicker than usual formulas, with intense shine and good color payoff. They tingle slightly, but the sensation is more cooling than tingling.

The ICONAILS Gel Lacquer is a gel formula with smooth application and good pigmentation. It lasts well on the nails. The tinted balms provide a subtle hint of color while moisturizing the lips. They come in partly cardboard packaging.

The Prime & Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray is an affordable option that effectively prolongs the staying power of makeup. However, the mist is not fine enough and may smudge makeup if not given enough drying time.

When it comes to foundations, concealers, mascaras, and eyeshadows, the reviewer did not find them to be impressive from Catrice. The foundations looked cakey and emphasized texture, while the concealers were too matte and heavy. The mascaras did not provide the desired results, with the exception of the latest Lash Lift Waterproof. The eyeshadows varied in quality, with shimmers needing to be applied with fingers for better pigmentation.

Overall, Catrice has several standout products worth trying, but it’s essential to act quickly due to their regular discontinuations and new launches. What are your favorite products from the brand?

This selection is made from products available in May 2023. Catrice discontinues some of their products every six months (even if they are really good) and launches a bunch of new ones, so some things may be gone by August/September. When it comes to Catrice (and Essence), these types of posts don’t age well. The only product from this selection that has managed to survive years in their line-up is the Liquid Liner Matt. If you like anything on the list, it’s best to be quick about getting it – though when it comes to lipsticks, they tend to just change the name of the line, but the formulas stay the same (discontinued Demi Matte = discontinued Vegan Matte Collagen = Scandalous Matte). 

Glow Lover Oil-Infused Highlighter

010 Glowing Peony

One of my most worn and favourite highlighters. It’s a subtle and natural one that in a light coat even works as a luminous finishing powder. The shimmer in this is very fine and looks like a natural glow, it’s not over the top and not obviously shimmery under sunlight, plus it doesn’t emphasise pores. The glow is a white shimmery one, neutral and the shade is quite pale, but I’m not sure if it may look ashy on darker skin tones because of that. When it was new the formula was very loose, but it’s been in my collection for a while and there no excess powder flying around when I swirl the brush in it.

A baked blush that has an intense pigmentation and a smooth formula. I get loads of colour payoff quickly on my pale skin and despite being so pigmented, it blends well. Shade is a type of peachy-pink that’s a lot more pink than peach. It has tiny shimmer in it that adds a glow, but since it’s so pigmented and I need to apply little of it, the shimmer/highlighter effect isn’t that intense on me – it should be more visible on deeper skin tones, but I apply Glow Lover Oil-Infused Highlighter over to get that effect. Overall this is one of the best drugstore blushes I’ve tried, very similar to the discontinued L.O.V. blushes.

Catrice has been making some of the best drugstore/affordable blushes for years and though the discontinue them regularly, the replacements are always good. There are two versions of AirBlushes, Glow and Matt, I have both and both behave the same. Glow doesn’t have an luminous effect on my cheeks, so I consider Matt and Glow formulas the same (I think on deeper skin tones, the difference should be visible). It’s another very pigmented formula, but this one doesn’t blend quite as well as the Cheek Lover, regardless it’s still a good one. Most impressive at this formula is the staying power, as it’s still intense 6-7h after application. Shade on the picture is 020 Cloud Wine.

A high quality palette with smooth formulas and a good pigmentation. The bronzer side is matte and a nice shade that’s not too warm or orange, so it suits me as a contour. It’s quite pigmented, so I don’t need a lot for my fair skin and it blends evenly. The highlighter is a champagne shade with very fine shimmer, so it looks really great on the skin. It’s not the strongest, so I can apply it in a way that it looks more natural or build it up for a more intense glow. Bronzer shade is a good shade for pale skin. 

Invisible Matte Loose Powder

This is a very fine and silky powder. It mattifies without leaving the skin looking flat and obviously powdered. It has a tiny bit of a blurring effect, but don’t expect miracles. 

Liquid Liner Matt

My faithful liquid eyeliner for many years now. I’ve used up countless tubes, which actually I mostly replace because I think I should due to age, but liners are still working after many months of use. Formula is intensely black, dries matte and lasts all day without fading, peeling or crumbling. The felt applicator is comfortable to use and precise.

Since Catrice launched Demi Matte formula a few years ago, they just change the name of the line, but matte lipstick formula essentially stays the same, with the same packaging and minor changes to the embossing.  Demi Matt and Vegan Collagen Matt formulas were exactly the same as this one. I loved those two and I love this formula as well. It’s light, glides on the lips with ease, has good pigmentation, looks smooth and has a semi-matte finish (later it settles to a completely matte one when the creaminess goes away). They last well on my lips, but they are not particularly moisturising, neither are they drying.

This is Catrice’s moisturising formula, though I think their Melting lipstick may be even glossier/more hydrating, but it’s a formula I haven’t tried yet. This one is somewhere between a creamy-shiny lipstick and a satin one, as it doesn’t have much shine, but it’s got a comfortable formula suitable for dry lips. It doesn’t last as long as the matte lipsticks, w hich it’s to be expected. I particularly like the shade 040 Secret Crush, which is a beautiful pink-nude shade for my skin tone

Lovely, slightly richer and thicker glosses than usual formulas, but they are not sticky. The shine level is intense and these manage to hold on the lips for a while, by that I mean longer than an average lip gloss. It’s one of many Catrice’s formulas that tingles, but it’s not strong and it doesn’t last – it’s more cooling than tingling. Both shades I have (020 No Fake Love and 040 Prove Me Wrong) are semi-opaque, so these have a good colour payoff for glosses. I love the shade  040 Prove me Wrong, which is a perfect my lips but better shade for me.

ICONAILS Gel Lacquer

Like the blushes, no matter how many versions of nail polishes Catrice discontinues and launches, they are always good. This is a nice gel formula, smooth, pigmented and glossy. They also last well on my nails. This shade is 88 Pink Makes the Heart Glow Fonder, which is likely discontinued.

I’m not 100% certain these are still sold, but they are on the website. They are tinted balms, not the softest, but are regardless lovely for giving the lips some subtle hint of colour. Formula is moisturising and a subtle scent. Packaging is partly cardboard. I have 030 Sweet Cherry, which is a rosy natural shade. 

Prime & Fine Multitalent Fixing Spray

I think this is still sold, but I’m not sure it’s on the stands. I’m not going to say this is the best drugstore makeup spray, but it’s the cheapest and does the job well. Formula is actually really good – light, it’s neither matte nor glowy and it really prolong the staying power of makeup. It keeps it looking fresh hours after application. Its main problem is that doesn’t spray a fine enough mist, so there are some bigger droplets that can smudge makeup (mascara) and it needs more dry time. 

You may be wondering where are foundations, concealers, mascaras and eyeshadows? I’m not a fan of those at this brand. True Skin foundation looks awful on my skin, very obvious and cakey. I thought it may just be me and my dry skin, but I tried it on other people and got the same unnatural looking result. Nude Drop Tinted Serum and HD Liquid Coverage are the same foundation on my skin. They apply nicely and look good from the start, but eventually become too matte and emphasize texture. Their famous Liquid Camouflage concealer is too matte for my skin and the one in the pot too heavy, it just sits on the skin and looks flaky. I’ve tried many of their mascaras and none really impressed me. Not even their famous Doll mascara. I kinda like the latest Lash Lift Waterproof, but it doesn’t hold my lashes perfectly curled and it’s not very volumising – basically Essence has better formulas. Eyeshadows are always a mixed bag. Mattes are usually really good, pigmented and blend well, but shimmers can be that tightly pressed texture than needs to be applied with fingers since brushes don’t pick them up at all. Their The Hot Mocca Eyeshadow Palette is so far the best I’ve tried. 

What are your favourites from the brand?

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