Exciting Innovations for Makeup and Skincare Enthusiasts! – Introducing The Green Product Junkie

Exciting New Products I’m Loving! 💄💅✨

Obsessed with the new Kosas Wet Sticks! 😍💋 The shades Hot Beach and Papaya Treat are everything! They’re soft, smooth, and provide amazing pigment. Plus, they feel super silky on the lips. Definitely a must-have! #Kosas #WetSticks #PapayaTreat

Just tried the Kjaer Weis Tinted Lip Balms in Romance and Gracious. 😘💄 I love that they’re sheer and hydrating. Perfect for a natural look! Can’t wait to get my hands on Lover’s Choice next. #KjaerWeis #TintedLipBalm #Romance

Skin Gym is my go-to for amazing beauty tools! 💆‍♀️ Get 15% off with code: Green15. Their facial steamer is a game-changer and their ice tools are perfect for reducing redness and puffiness. The high-frequency tool is a lifesaver for acne-prone skin. #SkinGym #FacialSteamer #IceTools

True Botanicals’ Ginger Turmeric Cleansing Balm is a makeup remover’s dream! 💄💦 It leaves the skin soft, hydrated, and smelling amazing. Use code: GPJ for 15% off until September 2023! #TrueBotanicals #CleansingBalm #GingerTurmeric

Ilia Beauty just released their first cleanser, The Cleanse! 🌟 It’s a gentle foam that removes makeup and SPF without stripping the skin. Perfect for sensitive skin. #IliaBeauty #TheCleanse #FoamingCleanser

Obsessed with Odacite’s SPF 50 Mineral Drops Tinted Sunscreen! ☀️🌈 It’s lightly pigmented and perfect for all skin types. Helps with uneven skin tone, dullness, dark spots, and redness. My favorite shades are #2 for Summer and #1 for Fall/Winter. #Odacite #SPF50 #MineralDrops

Le Prunier’s sunscreen is pure perfection! 🌞✨ It’s creamy, lightweight, and completely invisible on the skin. Feels like a moisturizer and provides SPF 31. Perfect under makeup! #LePrunier #SPF31 #Sunscreen

Ursa Major Force Field SPF 30 is my new go-to! 💪💖 This moisturizing, mineral-based SPF protects from the sun, blue light, and pollution. No white cast and it’s made with amazing ingredients like squalane and lingonberry. Use code: TGPJ15 for 15% off at Aillea. #UrsaMajor #ForceFieldSPF30 #MineralSunscreen

Manucurist’s gel LED manicure system is a game-changer! 😍💅 The colors are stunning and they last the longest on my feet. Perfect for DIY pedicures! Get 15% off with code: NAILSKATIE. #Manucurist #GelManicure #LEDSystem

Paume has the most beautiful hand care products! 🌺💆‍♀️ Their cuticle cream and probiotic hand cream are must-haves. Keep your manicures and pedicures hydrated with their amazing products. Use code: KATIE4IB for 15% off at Integrity Botanicals. #Paume #HandCare #Probiotic

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There’s so much that has been released that I’m really excited about (and a few things that I’m using that have been out for a while, but I’m just now enjoying). I wanted to share some of them with you and give you some codes when I have ’em!


KOSAS WET STICKS Imma huge fan of Kosas and pretty much all of their new releases. Needless to say, I was VERY excited to see their “wet” lipsticks drop. I purchased Hot Beach and Papaya Treat. They are soft, smooth, give great pigment and are super silky. So easy to wear, they are a re-purchase for sure. My favorite is Papaya Treat as I’m big into peach! Shop here.

KJAER WEIS TINTED LIP BALMS I just bought two of them in Romance (a sheer coral-ish) and Gracious (a super-light baby pink). First off, I bought the refills for myself because I’m not into carrying around the heavy, albeit gorgeous, recyclable KW packaging. These are super, super light, have a great taste (sounds odd, but true) and really hydrate the lips. Again, they’re light, so you can get the darker shades and still just have a true tint on your lips. My next shade? Lover’s Choice! Shop here.


Big fan of Skin Gym. My followers get 15% off with code: Green 15. Here’s some of the tools that I recommend from them: I love their facial steamer. It’s not too big, works well and it’s affordable. I also love all of their ice tools. Ice tools are great for use before makeup to take the redness out of the skin, get rid of any puffiness and they feel fantastic. If you’ve got acne or suffer from breakouts, the high-frequency tool will be your new best friend. I used to have to go to my esthetician for this treatment and I can’t believe it’s available for at-home use now.


TRUE BOTANICALS’ GINGER TURMERIC CLEANSING BALM Nothing, and I mean nothing, will get your makeup off better than a creamy balm that you massage into your skin. This 3-in-1 Cleansing Balm leaves the skin soooo super soft and hydrated and smells and feels so good on the skin. Massage around dry skin and eyes to dissolve makeup and then? Just rinse! 15% off True Botanicals with code: GPJ until the end of September 2023! Shop here.

THE CLEANSE SOFT FOAMING CLEANSER Ilia Beauty has just released their first cleanser…a foam! This cleanser is formulated to remove makeup, spf…all without stripping the skin. The Cleanser replenishes hydration and it’s fragrance-free. pH-balanced and safe for sensitive eyes + skin. Shop here.


ODACITE’S SPF 50 MINERAL DROPS TINTED SUNSCREEN This just-enough-dew- lightly pigmented mineral sunscreen comes in five shades and is excellent for all skin types – dry, oily, combo and especially mature since it’s been formulated as skincare. Helps support skin as a sunscreen, works on uneven skin tones, dullness, dark spots and redness. My slightly-tanned Summer skin likes #2, but I would likely wear #1 in the Fall/Winter. Shop here.

LE PRUNIER There’s a reason that everyone is talking about Le Prunier’s sunscreen and it’s because it’s perfection. You would never, ever know that you’re wearing a sunscreen! Creamy, sooooo lightweight and ZERO white cast, this tan-ish colored magic disappears into the skin. Feeling just like moisturizer, it delivers an SPF of 31 and has been my go-to for two seasons now. I love it pre-makeup, too as it’s so moisturizing. Beauty Heroes subscriber? 15% off here.

URSA MAJOR FORCE FIELD SPF 30 is brand new on the scene. This is a moisturizing, mineral-based SPF that protects from the sun’s rays as well as blue light and environmental pollution. A creamy light lotion, it’s made with squalane, lingonberry and elfdoc flower (that’s a new ingredient for me!) Best thing yet? No white cast! New to Aillea? Use code: TGPJ15 for 15% off. Shop here.

N A I L S & H A N D S

MANUCURIST This Parisian-based, at-home gel LED manicure system is a favorite of mine. The colors are gorgeous and if you don’t mind doing your own nails, you’ll love it. I find that they last the longest on my feet, so I’m a big fan of using them for pedicures! 15% off with code: NAILSKATIE. Shop here.

PAUME What a gorgeous line Paume is…truly! I love their cuticle cream and their Probiotic Hand Cream. I highly recommend getting yourself some of their products as the packaging is gorgeous, but the products are just super-effective! It’s a fantastic way to keep your manicures and pedicures, too…with hydration. NEW TO INTEGRITY BOTANICALS? 15% OFF WITH KATIE4IB. Shop here.

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