Get Ready to Glow with Vegetable Perfume and Fake Tan!

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In this week’s Minipod, I have some exciting products to share with you. From an incredible facial fake tan to makeup that gives you a stunning glow, there’s so much to talk about. I also came across a unique fragrance that is surprisingly good and inspired by carrot and sweet potato. Additionally, I’ll be discussing the latest release from Floral Street, where you can find affordable t-shirts. Lastly, I’m celebrating the 5th anniversary of Dr. Sam Bunting’s amazing skincare range. Stay tuned for all the details and insights! #ProductReview #BeautyProducts #Skincare


In this week’s Minipod I have so many lovely things to tell you about from an amazing facial fake tan to the most incredible glow-giving makeup to a fragrance that is based on carrot and sweet potato and smells surprisingly good.
I’m also talking about the newest release from Floral Street, the ultimate affordable t-shirts and I’m celebrating 5 years of Dr Sam Bunting’s brilliant skincare range.

13 days ago

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