“I Adore Canadian Beauty – The Green Perfumes!”

Warm weather and refreshing scents go hand in hand! Here are some #greenperfumes that I absolutely love for the season. Green scents have always been my go-to because they balance out the overly sweet fragrances on my skin. One of my long-time favorites is #SisleyEauDuSoir, which has a beautiful blend of green florals and patchouli. It’s like aristocracy in a bottle. Another gem is #GeoffreyBeeneGreyFlannel, which captures the scent of rain in a garden with its mossy base. It’s definitely worth the wait. The #EauDeJane is another must-try, with its delicate blend of green roses floating in water.

Now, let’s talk about the newest addition to my collection, the unique #ZaraLeatherJardin. It combines the scents of grass, spicy bell peppers, and young leather. It’s truly one of a kind. And of course, who can forget #ChanelBelRespiro, which reminds me of sun-warmed shoulders in a meadow.

Check out this #YouTube video where I share my thoughts on all these perfumes:

Feel free to share your favorite green perfume with me too! #productreview #fragrance #scents #summerperfume

Warm weather lends itself to green scents because they feel so refreshing, so a propos for the season, here are some green perfumes I love. I’ve always loved more green scents, most probably because they’ve always been the antidote to how sweet fragrances tend to become on my skin. Sisley Eau du Soir has been my go-to for many years, and the others I’ve added to my collection more recently. The most recent of all of these is the Zara Leather Jardin which is unique in the Zara roster of scents. Tell me your favourite green perfume.

Sisley Eau du Soir – green floral with loads of patchouli. Aristocracy in a bottle.

Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel – rains in your garden, a gorgeous mossy base that’s worth waiting for.

Eau de Jane – green roses floating in water within a fluted glass.

Zara Leather Jardin – grass, spicy bell peppers, young leather.

Chanel Bel Respiro – sun-warmed shoulders in a meadow.

Here’s a Youtube video where you can watch me talk about all of them.

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