Introducing the Nerf Dog 3.5-inch EXO Slow Feeder and Nerf Cat Cap in Blue/Clear (NC-7824)

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The Nerf Dog 3.5in EXO Slow Feeder Nerf Cat Cap in Blue/Clear (NC-7824) is a must-have pet product. This item comes in a compact package with dimensions of 8.89 L x 12.7 W x 7.2 H (centimeters) and weighs 145.15 grams.

Do you want to provide your furry friend with a fun and challenging eating experience? Look no further than the #NerfDog EXO Slow Feeder. This innovative pet bowl is designed to slow down your pet’s eating speed while providing entertainment and mental stimulation.

The #EXOSlowFeeder features a unique, maze-like design that requires your pet to navigate through the obstacles to reach their food. This helps to prevent them from scarfing down their food too quickly, which can lead to digestive issues. It also promotes healthy digestion and prevents bloating.

Not only does the #NerfCatCap slow down your pet’s eating speed, but it also keeps their food fresh and secure. The cap is designed to fit on top of the bowl, preventing any spillage or contamination. It’s perfect for pet owners who worry about leaving their furry friends with unfinished meals.

The #Blue/Clear color of the #NerfCatCap adds a playful touch to your pet’s mealtime. It’s made from durable and pet-safe materials, ensuring long-lasting use.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Nerf Dog 3.5in EXO Slow Feeder Nerf Cat Cap in Blue/Clear (NC-7824), click the link below to buy now:
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Price: $15.99 - $7.73
(as of Jul 14,2023 05:03:05 UTC – Details)

item package dimensions: 8.89 L x 12.7 W x 7.2 H (centimeters)
item package weight: 145.15 grams

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