Introducing the YGQQOY Spa Headband: Your Perfect Companion for Face Washing, Skincare, and Soft Facial Makeup!

YGQQOY Spa Headband is a must-have product for skincare and makeup enthusiasts. Made of soft microfiber fleece, this headband is incredibly comfortable and gentle on the skin. #SpaHeadband #MakeupHeadband #SkincareHeadbands #SoftFacialMakeupHeadBand

The package includes 2Pcs Bow Tie Headband in gray and dark blue, giving you options to match your style. The length of the headband is 15.8 inches, with a width of about 2.36 inches. It can be stretched up to 21.7 inches, ensuring a perfect fit. #BowTieHeadband #GrayHeadband #DarkBlueHeadband

The YGQQOY Spa Headband is not only practical but also versatile. It securely holds your hair in place without causing any discomfort. Whether you’re washing your face or enjoying a meal, this headband will keep your hair out of the way. #PracticalHeadband #HairAccessory

With good elasticity, this headband is suitable for all ages. It can stretch up to 12 inches, easily accommodating different head sizes. Additionally, it can also be used as a hair accessory for your pets. #AdjustableSize #ElasticHairBands

The spa headband is made of soft coral fleece material, which is gentle and fluffy on the skin. It provides a luxurious and comfortable experience while being friendly to your skin. #SoftMaterial #FluffyHeadband

To ensure the right wear method, start by wearing the headband around your neck. Then, pull it up until it aligns with your hairline or sits on top of your forehead. Remember not to let the bow headband go over your forehead to prevent it from slipping down. #RightWearMethod #PreventSlipping

Cleaning the headband is easy. You can simply wash it by hand or machine. After washing, let it air dry, and it will regain its softness and durability. To remove broken hair and dust, you can use adhesive tape. #EasyToClean #DurableMaterial

The YGQQOY Spa Headband is designed to provide ultimate comfort and softness. It’s perfect for various activities such as spa, sports, yoga, face-washing, and showering. It keeps your hair neat and away from your face, making it ideal for makeup application and skincare routines. #ComfortableHeadband #SoftMaterial

This headband is also suitable for daily use and travel. It is cute, soft, and easy to clean. If it gets stained with foundation, simply toss it into the washing machine, and it will come out as good as new. Its portable and lightweight design makes it a great companion for your travels. #DailyUse #TravelEssential

Don’t miss out on the YGQQOY Spa Headband, a versatile and comfortable accessory for your skincare and makeup routines. Get yours now! #BuyNow
Price: $6.99 - $5.99
(as of Jul 21,2023 02:00:20 UTC – Details)

Product Description





Package included: 2Pcs Bow Tie Headband

Color: gray, dark blue

Size: The length is 15.8inch, width is about 2.36inch, and can be stretched to 21.7inch.

Warm tip: Please measuring the size of your head, and ensure that the head circumference is less than the maximum stretch length of the hair band.



1.Practical makeup headband

The microfiber headband is soft, strong enough to stay hair in place but doesn’t dig in. Very comfortable for someone have long hair that gets in the way. Handy to both wash your face and keep your hair out of your food.

2. Good elastic: The bands have good elasticity and return to shape well. I wear a size small in hats and these are a little snug at first, but they do loosen up within just a few wears.

3. Adjustable size: Almost fits for all ages, the Elastic hair bands can be stretched to 12 inch, easily to fit your head size (if you like, it’s also can be used as a hair accessory for your pets) due to its good elasticity.

4. Durable material: The spa headband is made of soft coral fleece material, which is soft and fluffy, friendly to skin



Right wear methods:

1.Firstly wear the headband around the neck

2.Then pull up headband until it align with hairline or on the forehead top. Done!

Tips: Not let the bow headband goes over your forehead, because it will be easily slip down.



Easy to clean:

1. You just need wash it by water, suit for both hand and machine washing. Finally let it air dry, the headband will soft like before, very durable and quality.

2. Remove broken hair and dust with adhesive tape.



Wear comfortable and soft

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.87 x 2.64 x 2.48 inches; 2.08 Ounces
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ YGQQOY

Soft Fluffy Material of spa headband: Our face headband is made of premium elastic microfiber fleece, ridiculously soft, comfortable, skin-friendly. Washable, ultra absorbent water and fast-drying. Great for doing spa, sports, yoga, face-washing and taking shower, it can keep your hair neat and away from the face, also excellent for makeup,,skin care and so on.
Elastic and Stretchable Hair Band: The length of elastic head strap is about 15.8inch, and it’s can be stretched to about 21.7inch. It’s fit for most head perfect without being too loose or tight and stay in place. They have a decent amount of stretch but it is possible they may not fit everyone, so please measure your head size before order.
Simple to use: The right wearing methods is slide the headband around the neck and pull up the headband until align with hairline or on the forehead top. Then adjust your headband to suitable position until you feel comfortable. WARM TIP–PLEASE CLEAN HEADBAND BY WATER BEFORE USE!
For daily use and travel: Our Headbands are super cute, soft and cushy! The worked well at holding and keeping your hair back while washing face and applying make-up. If got a bit of foundation on it, so you simply dropped it into the washing machine. It came out just as soft as when it went in. MUST-HAVE spa headband in home. Also it’s enough portable and convenient for travel use, durable, Compressible and lightweight.

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