Mateja’s Beauty Blog: Empty Products #45

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A balm cleanser that turns into oil when massaged into skin and then into a milky emulsion with water. It removes makeup well, even some waterproof mascaras (but not those extra resistant ones), so it’s quite impressive. It’s a bit better than the SVR version I’m currently using (same type of formula) and it washes off well, though I always followed up with a foamy cleanser after. 
Repurchase: It’s nice, but I prefer cleansing oils. Oriflame’s Cleansing oil is in fact one of my favourites (as long as it doesn’t go off, which happens faster than at others).
My favourite cleansing oil aside from the Hada Labo one, though if I’m honest I like this one better. It’s better than HL for removing makeup, particularly waterproof mascaras. Formula is thin, so it doesn’t emulsify much (it’s similar to Balea one in that respect), but it removes all impurities and makeup. It washes off completely and doesn’t irritate my eyes. It’s also not fragranced, which is surprising for Nuxe (it has a natural oil scent).

Repurchase: Yes. 


A toner mist I used every day for long time. It’s a light formula that absorbs quickly and contains peptides, panthenol and hyaluronic acid. It has a strong Nivea-like scent. Afrodita has a similar product in their non Professional line, called Collagen Solution Anti-Age Toner which is on my list to repurchase, but I’m currently using up Pixi Retinol toner, which also has peptides. 

Repurchase: I would if I didn’t have to order online (due to shipping costs), so I’ll get the “drugstore version”.

SEBAMED PRO! Hydro Serum

A serum with active ingredient Meiritage that was inspired by the medicinal herbal effects of traditional Chinese medicine, but it also has niacinamide high on the list. It’s a simple, light hydrating serum, one that is easy to layer. I used this every morning and now that it’s gone I don’t see a difference, meaning my skin isn’t any worse now that I used it up. It’s ok, I like the ingredients and it would likely suit all skin types (though it is fragranced), but it doesn’t stand out to me in my extensive skin care collection.  

Repurchase: No.

OLAZ/OLAY Regenerist 3-Zonen Anti-ageing Creme 

I believe this is more popular in the USA than here. I like the ingredients list as it has niacinamide high on the list and peptides, but I bought it when such cream were rare and now the offering is much larger. It’s a rich cream that sits on the skin for a while, but it’s not overly heavy. I wished it felt more smooth on the skin, but I’m not complaining. The pot isn’t the best packaging, but they only have the SPF30 version with a pump.

Repurchase: I’d like to try the new vitamin C version, but it’s expensive, plus I have a stash of PR stuff to use up. 


A scalp scrub that I consider the best I’ve tried so far. The beads look sparse, but it does the work effectively. It helps remove the build-up on my scalp.

Repurchase: Done. 

SUBRINA Recept Double Power Shampoo

A shampoo against dandruff and hair fall. I work for Subrina so I have all of their shampoos and since they recently changed the packaging, I’m using the old ones up (or giving them away to my family, which often praise them. Vitamins & Strength in the regular Subrina line especially). In general all Recept shampoos are great even on my dry hair. They foam well and don’t leave my hair stripped, but they also don’t leave any residue in a sense that they would weigh down the hair. I like Sensitive Action the most (for sensitive scalp with dandruff) and then the new Probiotic Care (for sensitive, irritated and itchy scalp). Double Power has such a manly scent for my taste, so I wasn’t too fond of it, but it did its job. My hair isn’t falling out, so I can’t say if it works (based on FB comments I can report people praise the Strong Hair formula for that), but I can say that it didn’t fix my dandruff problem, which no shampoo, even from the pharmacy hasn’t anyway. These shampoos are only sold here in Slovenia and in some countries on the Balkans.

Repurchase: Like I said I have a big stash of these. 

CANTU Shea Butter Hydrating Cream Conditioner

One of the conditioners I repurchase regularly. It’s one of the most nourishing formulas, especially among drugstore brands and it can keep my ends from drying out for much longer than most conditioners/masks. But, it’s not great at taming frizz or leaving my hair silky, so I follow up with either a Pantene formula or Gliss 7 Sec treatment to prevent my hair from getting tangled fast. The packaging has a generous 400 ml and formula smells like pina colada. The packaging has changed since I last bought this (I buy one in advance as soon as the bottle runs out, so I always have it in stock) and it’s now completely orange. 

Repurchase: Yes. 

L’OREAL PARIS Elvive Dream Lengths Wonder Water 8 Second Hair Treatment 

I remember wanting this so much and then I finally got it, tried it and it was just so bland. It’s not as good as Gliss 7 Sec one that I use all the time. I can use Gliss on its own, but this was too light for my hair, so I used it as a rinse before applying a hair mask. It’s a light liquid that you apply on wet hair in the shower (I’ve tried it on towel dry hair, but you only use more for the same result), emulsify it (it’s nowhere near as rich as Gliss) wait a few seconds and rinse. It didn’t meet my expectations when reduction of frizz in concerned, nor did it boost shine. Now they have more versions and I haven’t even seen this one in a while.

Repurchase: No, or maybe one of the new versions to use a rinse again. But Gliss wins for me hands down.   

OLAPLEX No.8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask 

One of my absolute favourite hair masks, but I hate it’s so expensive for such a small amount. It’s surprisingly thinner than the conditioner, but it has a much better effect on my hair. It transforms my dry, frizzy hair into silky tresses. It’s much better in fact than the n.3 in terms of effect. I’m not sure I managed to use it every drop because I can’t open the packaging, but the I can’t get anything from the pump anymore.  

Repurchase: Done. 

MOROCCANOIL Smoothing Conditioner

This is just a mini, but I already got the full size. It’s one of the best conditioners I’ve tried and it works very similarly as the mask (which is fantastic). My hair dries so smoothly with it and frizz is significantly diminished. It’s much lighter than the mask, which is almost balmy, yet it’s nourishing enough. I’ve also recently tried the Smoothing lotion and it’s seriously good. 

Repurchase: Done

THE BODY SHOP Shea Butter Richly Replenishing Hair Mask 

First use didn’t impress me and I forgot about it for a while, but I gave it another chance and ended up liking it a lot. It’s silicone free and that bothered me the first time because I didn’t get that smooth, silky feeling and my hair got tangled. But it performed better later, it didn’t feel like it was silicone free anymore and I loved how rich it was. My hair like products with shea butter and this feels the most like a shea body butter, so it’s heavy, which my dry hair needs. It also smells lovely, like the typical TBS Shea scent, clean & nutty. 

Repurchase: Yes. 

SUBRINA PROFESSIONAL Keratin Mask & Keratin Therapy

I used this with the Keratin mask, as this is just a liquid that enhances the effect of that formula. In theory this should be great on my hair and I’ve seen some brilliant results with this combination, but it leaves my hair stiff. That means that’s the combination isn’t hydrating enough for my hair, so it doesn’t counteract the protein care effect. Basically it’s like I use Joico K-Pak Reconstructor without the Intense Hydrator. I’ve tried it with my most hydrating conditioner (Cantu Shea Butter) and my hair still didn’t feel soft after use. Still if you colour your hair, bleach or use heat styling a lot, it might be worth a try – Subrina Professional is highly praised on IG, especially the Hydro shampoo and conditioner, Keratin mask and the Repair Oil.

Repurchase: I still have some vials. 

BALEA Crèmedusche

Vanille & Cocos

A basic shower gel formula in terms of texture, so nothing special. The scent is purely vanilla to my nose and there’s no coconut. 

Repurchase: Other versions.

NIVEA Body Souffle 

Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil

One of my favourite body creams. I’ve tried quite a lot of body moisturisers in my time, but I rarely repurchase them, exceptions being The Body Shop Body Butters, Bath & Body Works Ultra Shea and this. Before I had the coconut tiare version that I bought because I hoped it has a tropical scent, but didn’t impress me, regardless I ended up loving the texture and its nourishing effect. Cherry Blossom doesn’t have my favourite scent either, but the formula makes up for it. It’s a thick cream with jojoba oil beads. It sinks in fast, leaving a silky feeling behind and nourishes dry skin well. It has a nice long-term effect on dry skin and can deal with dry, rough skin. Nivea’s Q10 with vitamin C lotion is even better, but this one has a nicer texture.
Repurchased: It’s not a Souffle, but Nivea’s Care Nourishing Cream has the same texture without the beads, same shade of packaging and a far better scent (typical Nivea one), so I kind of repurchased Souffle in way. 

BALEA Handcreme Urea

My former favourite hand cream, now that honour goes to Cerave. Balea’s is still praise-worthy, especially for the price. It nourishes the hands well, absorbs fasts and it leaves a nice silky feeling on the skin, so the hands feel soft. 

Repurchase: Maybe, but I really love Cerave.  

MEDEX Collagen and Ceramides 

I never talk about supplements, but I’ve given several a try in the last years. And they do nothing for me. It’s too expensive anyway. I’ve used up a lot of Medex Collagen tins, I can’t remember how many, but I also tried their vials, so liquid collagen, which is even more expensive and I just regret spending so much for all these supplements because in years I’ve been giving them a go, I noticed zero positive or negative change. Actually when I take Medex Ceramides I noticed my skin get slightly worse (it’s not soft to the touch anymore) and that happened also after I gave them a break and tried again. I know collagen works for so many, even in my family (for the knees in that case), but for me it looks like it’s a waste of money.

Repurchase: No. 

SUBRINA Charm Super Cool Demi-permanent Toner

A demi-permanent colour with a gentle 3% developer that I use for toning my hair after bleaching. Providing of course, I actually manage to bleach light enough, which on my dark hair is a challenge. I find my hair looks glossier with this shade compared to Garnier Color Naturals I normally use in a shade or two darker. Result I get with it is here.

Repurchase: Done. 

VICHY Mineral 89 Eye Fortifier

I only had a tester, but liked this a lot. Texture feels nice, like a rich serum and ingredients look nice, as the list isn’t long, but it has nourishing shea butter, caffeine, adenosine and hyaluronic acid. Price is a bit steep for a mere 15 ml, but that’s Vichy. I could get a more impressive ingredients list, but the texture of this serum is lovely.

Purchase: Maybe, but I neglect eye creams, so I don’t deserve owning more.


VICHY Mineral 89 Fortifying and Plumping Daily Booster 

One of the many hydrating products with hyaluronic acid. It promises to hydrate, plump, smooth the skin, help promote a healthier skin barrier and lend the skin a radiant and revitalized look. It’s a serum with a gel-feel and just simply a hydrating product – lighter than the eye version. I find it nothing special and I have many other products with hyaluronic acid. 

Purchase: No.

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