Revolutionary Body Treatment Edit – Introducing Minipod

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In this week’s minipod, I am focusing on a range of body serums, moisturisers, and treatments that have recently landed on my desk. #Skincare #Beauty
From simple yet effective options to luxurious and indulgent products packed with active ingredients, there is something suitable for everyone. #SkinCareRoutine
I must admit that I don’t always make time to moisturize my body, but when I do, I absolutely love the way my skin feels afterwards. It’s like wearing really lovely underwear, as I mentioned on the podcast. ❤️️ #SkinLove #SelfCare

Published Date: #4MonthsAgo


In this week’s minipod I focus in on a selection of body serums, moisturisers and treatments that have landed on my desk recently.
From simple but effective to luxurious and delicious to brimming with actives, there really is something for everyone.
I don’t always take the time to moisturise my body, but when I do I love the way my skin feels. As I say on the podcast, it’s a bit like wearing really lovely underwear :0)

4 months ago

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