Silvina Neder Unleashing the Astonishing Potential of Embracing Grey Hair

In this episode, I had the pleasure of meeting the #fabulous model, #actress, and brand founder, Silvina Neder. Her life completely transformed when she made the brave decision to embrace her #greys. From being a high-powered executive who traveled the world, she is now a highly successful model and actress, and she couldn’t be happier. Silvina’s gorgeous grey hair also served as the inspiration for her own haircare brand, #SilvinaLondon. Her products have been specially formulated to make grey hair #bouncy, #shiny, and free from any #brassy tones.

Throughout the episode, we discuss the importance of making life changes, #dating in later life, following your #intuition, and why embracing your grey hair might be the #bestdecisionever. You can explore Silvina’s #beautiful products at []( #SilvinaLondonSupport

This episode is partly supported by Silvina London

In this episode I meet the utterly fabulous model, actress and brand founder Silvina Neder.

Silvina’s life totally changed when she decided to embrace her greys. She went from a high-powered job as an executive who travelled the world to becoming a really successful model and actress….and she’s never been happier.

Silvina’s stunning grey hair also inspired her to start her own haircare brand called Silvina London. Her hair products have been formulated to make grey hair bouncy, shiny and never brassy.

During the episode we talk about making life changes, dating in later life, following your intuition and why embracing your grey hair might just be the best decision you ever make.

You can check out Silvina’s beautiful products here

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