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There are five shoes that I believe are essential for this Autumn-Winter season. Let’s break them down:

#BalletFlats – Perfect for all seasons.

#Loafers – I adore how the leather on a pair of old penny loafers ages. Recently, I’ve been eyeing a lighter suede option.

#KittenHeels – Goodbye style-over-substance, hello comfort. These heels are much more practical for evening looks or professional environments.

#BlackBoots – Recently, I’ve been drawn to fitted or ‘sock’ boots. They shape the ankle beautifully and pair well with straight or wider trousers, which has been my preference lately.

#Trainers – The search for “my perfect trainer” has been longer than expected. I’m generally not a fan, which may be the reason it has taken me so long to find the right pair. However, I can’t deny their comfort. After much consideration, I’ve realized that white trainers are not suited for me. Instead, I prefer a neutral shade with hints of beige or grey that can complement various outfits without being too stark.

Here are some of my top picks:

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There are five shoes I think you need this Autumn-Winter, and they go as follows:

Ballet flats – for all seasons.

Loafers – I just love how the leather on an old pair of penny loafers ages. Lately I’ve been looking at a lighter loafer in suede.

A kitten heel – goodbye style-over-substance, hello comfort. So much more practical, for an evening look or professional environment.

Black boots – my style has tended towards fitted or ‘sock’ boots for the last few years. They shape the ankle really nicely and look great with a straight or wider trouser – also my preference of late. 

Trainers – I have been looking for ‘my perfect trainer’ for too. long. I’m not all that keen in general and maybe that’s why it’s taken me so long to find a good pair but there’s no denying they are very comfortable.. I think I’ve finally realised that a white trainer is not at all for me. Instead, a neutral shade with a hint of beige or grey is much more suited and works well with a range of outfits without being so stark. 


Here are some of my top picks:



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