“Fully Embracing My Natural Curls: Unveiling my Daily Haircare Routine”

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curly hair routine easyThis is a paid advertisement with Boots UK.

I feel like summer is always a perfect time to ditch the heat, treat my hair and embrace its naturally curly state. I don’t want to use too much heat on my hair due to damage from bleaching and heat styling and also…it’s just too hot for the blow-dry’s at the moment!

A bit about my hair journey: My hair is naturally curly and wavy, but it is FINE and can be frizzy. It certainly needs a little bit of love and some styling products to get it looking good, as I’m not one of those lucky girls who can just wash and air-dry and it looks perfect. Le sigh. However, with a bit of love and the *right* routine, I have got my curly hair routine nailed and I want to share it with you in case you want to do the same.

All of the products I use are available from Boots and they offer SO many great haircare brands from budget to high-end, and to suit ALL hair types. I couldn’t quite believe the choice when I last went to pick up some haircare products and saw so many of my favourite brands.  If you prefer to shop online, you can check out their curly hair products. Some of my personal go-to curly hair brands include Umberto Giannini, Flora & Curl, Boucleme, Rhyme & Reason and John Frieda Frizz Ease.

curly hair routine easy

My curly hair routine step-by-step.

Firstly, I try not to over-wash my hair and currently try to aim for 2-3 times a week max. You can of course tailor your hair-washing and hair routine to suit you, your type of curls and how you want your hair to look. There are so many types of curls, coils, waves and we are all a little different but once you find that routine that works for you, your hair will thank you!

flora and curl soothe me scalp refresh pre shampoo oil review

1.) I start off my hair wash with the Flora & Curl Coconut Mint Scalp Pre-Shampoo Oil. This is a game-changer and such a good treatment to use if you get build-up of products and oily roots. You simply apply it to your roots and scalp and leave on for around 5-10 minutes before you wash your hair. It smells incredible and aromatic and I really notice the difference when I use this pre-cleanse treat. Don’t neglect your scalp my friends!

2.) Then onto the shampoo and conditioning ! There are so many incredible brands available at Boots that offer shampoo for curly hair but at the moment I am using the Rhyme & Reason Wave Revival Shampoo & Conditioner. This is a brand I have used for a couple of years and I think it’s a really wonderful, accessible and budget haircare range. They do products for all hair types if you don’t specifically want curl-enhancing, I also really love the Volume & Boost range! I find the Wave Revival shampoo & conditioner is really nice and gentle but deep-cleansing and the one thing that keeps me coming back to the conditioner is that it doesn’t weigh down my fine hair…therefore better and bouncier curls!

3.) Styling. This I think is a really important part of the curly hair routine! When I have washed and conditioned my hair, I scrunch dry it with a towel as opposed to putting it up in a wrap, and as it is still quite wet, I then go in with my Boucleme Curl Defining Gel. This product is iconic for a reason; it’s SO good for enhancing curls! I apply a good dose of this gel throughout my hair, and again, I scrunch the product into my hair in an upwards motion and towards my scalp. 

boucle curl defining gel before after review

4.) Drying. Air-drying is of course preferable to prevent too much damage, but if I want my curls to look really good, I use a hairdryer with a diffuser but only to lightly start the drying process. Maybe for 5 minutes max and then I leave it to air-dry. This makes a real difference in the curl shape and hold I find, so do consider this if you have problems with how your curls are looking when air-drying.

5.) Upkeep. When I am wearing my hair naturally curly it needs a little tweak and a bit of upkeep in-between washes to keep the curls looking bouncy and fresh. It can be a little wild when waking up in the morning! To tame and re-style it, I simply use the Boucleme Curl Defining Gel to add definition back into my curls and I find I only need a really small 10-pence size of it to get it looking good again. I try to avoid brushing too much as that, for me, will induce a bit of a frizz frenzy but a wide-toothed comb works well if you need to brush through your curls. 

curly girl routine before after

This is all I do until I wash my hair the next time and it’s really working for me, and I am feeling my hair is getting in better condition week-on-week without the over-processing and heat. You can see from the before and after photos that a little bit of love and styling goes a long way, particularly on frizzy and curly hair like mine. It needs a bit of love and nurturing!  When choosing your styling products try and keep it minimal so you don’t get huge build-up and as I am more on the fine and flyaway side a curling gel seems to work well for me, but if you are more coarse and dry you can check out a curl cream too as these will give a little more hydration.

rhyme and reason wave revival

All-in-all this routine is less hassle, less heat and actually…less products than what I would use if I was to do my perfect at-home-blowdry! It’s ticking all of my boxes at the moment and so much easier in this humidity and heat that the UK likes to bless us with every year. 

I hope you found this post all about embracing your naturally curly hair useful, and maybe it has inspired you to do the same?! I would love to know your thoughts. Also if you want to see these products and my routine in action head over to my Instagram where my latest reel is me doing exactly that!

Do check out the curly hair products over on Boots, you will be in curly hair heaven as there are just so many products and brands to choose from. Whether you are looking for pre-wash treatments, leave-in masks or styling treatments I promise that you will find something for your preference and budget.

Please leave any questions you may have below!

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