Here are 5 things that I’ve been really enjoying recently.

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Simple pleasures 🙂

1. My new bench!

I’ve been looking for a bench like this for the grassy part of my front lawn for years. YEARS! I wanted something sturdy and relatively easy to move (it’s made out of cast iron), and something with slats so that the sun could still get through to hit the grass below.

It’s really nice to have a comfy place to sit while I watch Connor and her friends play in our yard, and now I go out there all the time to read or have a coffee or a snack. I love it!

My new fave place to hang out

This bench was from the Ace Hardware in my town; it’s also available online, if you’re interested.

2. Eating outside

I don’t know if it’s something linked to the primitive part of my brain, but lately, whenever I eat a meal outside and I can see the sky, it just feels so right! I was just actually outside a few minutes ago before writing this eating peanut butter on toast and drinking a vanilla coffee on my bench (see top pic), LOL!

3. The “Wham!” documentary on Netflix

I’ve always loved the band Wham! since I was kid; I remember going to the library back in the day and checking out the album on vinyl (!) for “Music from the Edge of Heaven,” and listening to it nonstop. Side note — does anybody else think “Battlestations” is hugely underrated? It’s one of my favorites.

Anywho, I’ve coincidentally have been listening to a lot of music by Wham! and George Michael lately, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s now a documentary about the band on Netflix.

I started watching it last night and am about 30 minutes in and am really enjoying it. Give it a go if you’ve got Netflix!

4. Finding new music on Spotify

No joke, all I did last summer was listen to Fleetwood Mac on 24/7. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (Stevie Nicks forever), but I’m really trying to expand my musical world this summer. I’ve have been finding a lot of great songs on Spotify. Here’s a few new-to-me songs that I found this week.

“Jenny” by Jack Lizard featuring BXRBER

“SUPERBLOOM” by MisterWives

“Say What” by Goosetaf

“Going Up the Coast” by Clay and Friends

5. Writing down my goals every morning

I saw a video recently that talked about how, if you have goals, writing them down every morning can be very helpful in achieving them. So, I’ve been doing that lately. So far it’s been really helpful!

One of my goals: hit 10,000 steps a day

Oh, I also like to add a date to my list because having a time frame (or a deadline) makes my goals seem more concrete and urgent.

What’ve you been loving lately?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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