Introducing BB LAB’s Halal-Certified Good Night Collagen: Low Molecular Collagen Powder Sticks with Marine and Fish Collagen, Vitamin C, Glycine, Fast Absorption, and a Delicious Mixed Berry Flavor – Pack of 30.

Introducing #BBLABHalalCertifiedGoodNightCollagen, a revolutionary #LowMolecularHalalCollagenPowderStickSupplement that will transform your skin, muscles, and bones while you sleep. With its fast absorption formula and mix berry flavor, this #MarineCollagen and #FishCollagen supplement is a game-changer in the world of skincare.

Say goodbye to complicated skincare routines and hello to convenience with our #EasyOnTheGoCollagen. Each stick of our collagen powder is single-serve and portable, making it perfect for the gym, workplace, travel, or wherever life takes you. With a net weight of 60g and 30 sticks per pack, you can enjoy the benefits of this supplement every day.

Rest assured that our product contains only safe and beneficial ingredients. Each stick is packed with 1,200 mg of low-molecular fish collagen combined with vitamin C, glycine, and niacinamide. This powerful combination ensures optimal results for your skin’s regeneration and overall health.

Not only is our #HalalCertified collagen supplement effective, but it also tastes great. The mixed berry flavor makes consumption a delight, and there’s no need to mix it with water. Simply take one stick by itself per day, or if you prefer, mix it with water or yogurt for a refreshing twist.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your skincare routine with this amazing product. Visit the link below to #BuyNow and experience the benefits of BB LAB Halal-Certified Good Night Collagen for yourself.

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LOW-MOLECULAR COLLAGEN : Skin regeneration product to absorb collagen before sleep. Our low-molecular (1,000 DA) fish/marine collagen allows for quick and efficient absorption into your body, boosting the recovery of your skin, muscles, and bones.
EASY ON-THE-GO COLLAGEN : With our single-serve collagen stick packaging, you can take it anywhere with you (e.g. gym, workplace, travel, and others), supporting and fostering a more consistent skin-care routine. Net Wt. 60g. (2g x 30 Sticks). Take One Stick a Day.
SAFE & BENEFICIAL INGREDIENTS: Each stick contains 1,200 mg of fish collagen with vitamin C, glycine, niacinamide for the best possible results.
MIXED BERRY FLAVOR: Great tasting mixed berry flavor for easy consumption with no mixing with water required. Just take one stick by itself per day, or you can mix it with water or yogurt.

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