Introducing PIRETTE Mini Fragrance Oil: Women’s Beach-Inspired Perfume with Fresh Coconut, Surf Wax, and Sunscreen Notes, 0.25 Fl Oz.

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As an expert product reviewer, I am excited to introduce the PIRETTE Mini Fragrance Oil. This women’s beach inspired perfume oil features notes of fresh coconut, surf wax, and sunscreen. With its 0.25 Fl Oz size, it offers 12 hours of beachy scents that will transport you to those perfect sun and sand-filled days.

One of the standout features of this fragrance oil is its ability to warm up with your body heat. This provides a long-lasting salty scent that radiates throughout the day. Additionally, it is alcohol-free, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.

The rollerball design of this fragrance oil allows for easy application exactly where you want it and in the desired amount. A little goes a long way, so simply dab it onto the neck, pulse points, and inner wrist to enjoy that sun-washed smell reminiscent of the beach.

What sets this product apart is its commitment to safety and non-toxic ingredients. The fragrance ingredients are free from parabens, silicone, sulfate, PEGs, phthalate, and phosphate. This makes it a safe choice for your skincare routine. Furthermore, it is cruelty-free and vegan, aligning with ethical values. All PIRETTE products are proudly made in the USA.

When using PIRETTE Mini Fragrance Oil, you not only embrace a beachy state of mind, but you also support a brand that finds inspiration right at the beach. Unlike your ex, this fragrance oil is non-toxic and ensures a positive and enjoyable experience.

To experience the beachy scents of the PIRETTE Mini Fragrance Oil, click the link below.

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Price: $28.00
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12 Hours of Beachy Scents. The oil warms up with your body heat to radiate a long-lasting salty scent. It’s alcohol-free and ideal for sensitive skin.
Stay Casual. The rollerball allows you to apply where you want it and how much. A little goes a long way. Dab onto the neck, pulse points and inner wrist for that sun-washed smell after the beach.
Safe & Non-Toxic All the Way. Our fragrance ingredients are free from parabens, silicone, sulfate, PEGs, phthalate and phosphate. They are also cruelty free, vegan and made in the USA.
A Beachy State of Mind. Our products transport you to those perfect days with sun and sand. They are never crafted in a boardroom; we find inspiration right at the beach. And unlike your ex, we’re non-toxic.

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