Lego City introduces the Police Water Scooter – Build with 33 Pieces, Lego Set #30567, Recommended for Ages 5+

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Are you looking for a fun and engaging building set for your child? Look no further than the Lego City: Police Water Scooter! With its 33 pieces, this set is perfect for boys and girls aged 5 and above.

Safety is a top priority for Lego, and that’s why their components undergo rigorous testing. From being dropped to being heated, crushed, twisted, and analyzed, every piece is thoroughly checked to ensure it meets the highest safety standards.

The Lego City police sets are designed to inspire open-ended creativity. They come with feature-rich buildings, cool vehicles, and fun characters, allowing children to create their own stories and scenarios. Not only does this help them develop their physical skills, but it also boosts their confidence as they build and play.

One of the great things about Lego bricks and tiles is their consistent quality. They meet the highest industry standards, ensuring that all pieces are compatible and securely connect with each other. And when it’s time to start a new project, they come apart easily, making cleanup a breeze. Lego bricks have been delivering this level of quality since 1958!

Ready to get your hands on this fantastic Lego set? Click the link below to purchase now!

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Price: $7.65
(as of Jul 10,2023 08:46:51 UTC – Details)

33 piece set – For boys and girls aged 5+.
LEGO components are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to make sure they meet rigorous safety standards.
LEGO City police sets inspire open-ended creativity with feature-rich buildings, cool vehicles and fun characters, helping youngsters develop physical skills and confidence as they build and play.
LEGO bricks and tiles meet the highest industry standards and quality criteria, so they are consistent, compatible, connect securely and come apart easily every time – it’s been that way since 1958.

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