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#ProductReview: Donna May London Make-Up Bag

You might already be familiar with Donna May and her amazing flat-lay bags. These drawstring make-up bags lie flat when opened, allowing you to easily see all your products at once. No more searching through your bag! But now, Donna May has introduced the Knick-Knack bags, a smaller and more streamlined version of the flat-lay bag, perfect for simplified packing. #DonnaMayLondon #MakeUpBag #FlatLay #ProductReview

The Knick-Knack bag features separate pouches with zippers on each side, as well as wipe-clean covers. This clever design allows you to organize your skincare on one side and make-up on the other. When you open the bag, everything is readily visible and easily accessible. #Organization #Skincare #MakeUp #TravelEssentials

Simply zip up the bag on both sides, and you’re ready to go! I particularly love the compartment aspect of this bag. While I usually prefer transparent bags for travel, this concept works even better because of the separation provided by the pouches. It’s immediately clear which side contains what items. #Convenience #TravelBag #EasyAccess

#Stylish Finish:
I chose the rainbow/petrol effect finish for my Knick-Knack bag because it adds a beautiful touch and enhances the holiday-vibe. Not only is this bag functional, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. #RainbowEffect #Stylish #HolidayEssentials

The Knick-Knack bag by Donna May London is priced at £26. Get yours here: #AffordableLuxury #ValueForMoney

In conclusion, the Donna May London Knick-Knack bag is a must-have for anyone who wants a practical yet stylish way to organize and carry their cosmetics. With its clever design and convenient compartments, this bag is perfect for both travel and everyday use. Don’t miss out on this fantastic product! #MustHave #BeautyEssentials #CosmeticsOrganizer #DonnaMayLondon

[unpaid/sample] You might already know Donna May for her extremely useful flat-lay bags – drawstring make up bags that lie flat when you open them, revealing all your products in one go. No more rootling around! However, she now has the Knick-Knack bags which are a smaller, streamlined version of flat-lay and good for pared back packing.

Donna May London Make Up Bag

Each side has separate pouch with a zipper and a wipe-clean cover – you can put skin care on one side and make up on the other (if you like – far be it from me to tell you how to organize!) so as soon as you open it, you know what’s what.

Donna May London Make Up Bag

You then just zip up on both sides and off you go. I like the compartment aspect – I always prefer a see-though bag for travel so I can see at a glance but actually, this concept works better because there is a separation and it’s immediately clear what is where. I chose this rainbow/petrol effect finish because it’s beautiful to look at and somehow makes it more holiday-ish. The bag is £26 HERE. 

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